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Statement on Gender Equality

In addition to any statements around Gender Equality made by the Sigma Chi International Fraternity, Sigma Chi Mu would like to make a statement around Gender. 

"Sigma Chi Mu acknowledges the contention on the existence of single-sex organizations, and respects all opinions on this issue. Sigma Chi Mu, itself sees a value of being a single sex organization, to help create a safe environment for young men to be with their peers and also being able to directly address issues that impact male-identifying communities. Sigma Chi Mu also sees the immense benefit of gender diversity, which is why we support female organizations that do work to empower young women and also have a Sigma Chi Sweetheart that is involved within our colony. We also are actively involved in organizations that are gender diverse to help create more gender equality within the world. Gender equality is important, and is something the Sigma Chi Mu actively strives to further."

- Matt Mickelson "Consul" 2021-2022


For more information on Sigma Chi's statements regarding Gender Equality visit  

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