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Statement on Dating, Domestic and Sexual Violence (DDSV)

In addition to any statements around Dating, Domestic and Sexual Violence (DDSV) made by the Sigma Chi International Fraternity, Sigma Chi Mu would like to make a statement around DDSV. 

"Sigma Chi Mu fully condemns Dating, Domestic and Sexual Violence in all forms, no person should ever become a survivor of DDSV. Every person is worthy of respect, kindness, dignity and compassion, which is why Sigma Chi Mu is actively committed to fighting DDSV within our communities through quality Education/Awareness, Prevention, and Supporting Survivors. We are also working with multiple partners to help ensure greater accountability in the Greek Life system, so that no survivors voice goes unheard. "

- Matt Mickelson "Consul" 2021-2022


For more information on Sigma Chi's statements regarding Dating, Domestic and Sexual VIolence (DDSV) visit  

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