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Membership Fees

Sigma Chi Mu, believes in being fully transparent with our membership fees. With the COVID-19 pandemic and its financial repercussions, we are actively exploring options to help lower financial burdens to our Brothers.

2021-2022 membership fees

2021-2022 Membership Fee 

  • Active Brother ($350 per Calendar year)

  • New Active Brother ($300 for the first Calendar Year) 

Payment Options

  • One Lump Sum (Paid in Mid-January)

  • Monthly Membership Fee (Contact Quaestor/Treasurer)

  • Custom Payment Plans are Available on Request (Contact Quaestor/Treasurer)

Detailed Breakdown of membership fees

*Based on the 2021-2022 Membership Fees

Membership Fee Breakdown per Active Brother

International Sigma Chi Fees

General Fees (Workshops, Training, Etc..) - 18% ($63)

Insurance - 31% ($108.5)

Chapter Installation Costs - 38% ($133)

Colony Sigma Chi Fees

Social Events - 6.5% ($23.25)

Miscellaneous Costs (Website, Merch, etc...) - 6.5% ($23.25)

Total Cost Per Calendar Year 

$350 CAD per Calendar Year 

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