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The Pledging Process

Sigma Chi Mu wants to make the Pledging Process as transparent and easy as possible for all potential new members. Sigma Chi strictly prohibits Hazing as it directly contradicts our values and if you believe that you are being hazed, there are resources available.

Step 1: Attend Recruitment Events

  • Recruitment Events are hosted at the beginning of Fall/Winter Semester (Check for the Recruitment Event Calendar on our Social Media) and are great way to meet our members and see what we are all about!

Step 2: Connect with our Recruitment Chairman 

  • Connecting with our Recruitment Chairman is a great opportunity for some one on one interaction and to get your questions answered.

Step 3: Do your research!

  • We highly suggest that you do your own independent research and see if Sigma Chi is the right fit for you.

Step 4: Bid Extension

  • After the Recruitment Events end, the Executive Committee will vote on all Prospective New Members on whether or not to extend a bid. A bid is your formal invitation to join the Sigma Chi Mu colony. 

Step 5: Bid acceptance or declination

  • Once you have received your bid, you have two options 1. Accept the bid, or 2. Decline the bid.

Step 6: Pledge Education

  • Once you accept your bid, you begin Pledge Education on the History of Sigma Chi and the organizational policies/values. This process normally takes 5 weeks with a weekly commitment of 1-2 hours each week.

  • During your Pledge Education, you will be given a copy of the "Norman Shield" the reference manual for the fraternity. Here is an older free-to-view copy of "The Norman Shield" (2009-2011)

Step 7: Becoming a Active Brother

  • Now that you have completed Pledge Education, you are now an Active Brother! Now you can run for a Executive Committee role and participate in various Brotherhood Events. 

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