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Statement on Racism

In addition to any statements around Racism made by the Sigma Chi International Fraternity, Sigma Chi Mu would also like to make a statement on Racism. 

"Racism has no place in Sigma Chi Mu. Any form of Racism will not be tolerated, our members and potential new members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, races, ethnic groups and we are committed to ensuring a safe and inclusive space for all our members, and members of the community. Sigma Chi was founded on a strong set of principles and values, and it is our interpretation as Sigma Chi Mu that these principles and values do not condone Racism in any of its many forms. As Sigma Chi Mu, we are always actively seeking ways to better support and help groups that have historically been discriminated against."

- Matt Mickelson "Consul" 2021-2022


For more information on Sigma Chi's Policies around Racism visit  

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